Quality Assurance

Service satisfaction of our customer is our prime focus

Quality is a continuous evolution with us. We keep evolving and learning from best industry practices and by absorbing newer inductions and improvements in good Manufacturing practices.

Relentless pursuit of perfection for all kinds of Jumbo and PP Bags making has resulted in us doing business in over 27 countries in a short time.

While we have complete infrastructure to measure all critical parameters like UV stability, mechanical properties, safety factor of bags, wind resistance and shade factors of nets, etc., what we take pride in is our systems which enable us to utilize the available resources to deliver only the right product. These systems include full traceability , 100% assurance on UV stability and product safety , exhaustive assurance and control points which ensure that all parameters for the product are met with. Our Quality Policy articulates our commitment to provide better quality product and improve customer satisfaction.

We maintain quality right from the selection of raw material to the final delivery, the Quality Assurance team ensures that product meet all the required quality standards followed at each and every stage.

We focus on hygiene and cleanliness to ensure Food and Pharma grade FIBCS that are sanitized and free from dust, germs and pollutants.

For us, our clients matter the most and we leave no stone unturned to come up with quality products and services.

Right from the raw material to finished goods, we take the necessary quality tests to ensure that the product meets all the needed quality standards.

Our team takes proper hygiene, cleanliness, and safety measured and come up with sanitized, dust-free, germ-free, and pollutants free products.

Quality Checks

Each product goes through different quality check stages. Here is how the entire system looks like:

Cutting machine
Circular / flat woven looms

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