Here is an overview of our manufacturing units and infrastructure!

  • Multi Filament Plant
  • Metal Detector
  • Gluing Machine
  • Multi-Layer Extrusion Plant for Liner Using Jumbo Bags
  • Auto Cutting and Stitching Machine
  • Printing Machine with Color Printing Capacity
  • Belt Cutting
  • Fabric Cutting
  • Fibrillatory Machine for PP Thread
  • Extrusion Coating Plant
  • Dust Proof Making with Belt Weaving
  • Looms To Produce Fabric

Testing Lab – Nothing leaves our premises without being checked and tested. We have certain equipment to check the breaking strength of tapes and UV testing of tapes. Other tests that are performed at our testing labs is elongation testing, UV testing, Load testing, Dart impact testing, co-efficient of friction testing, conductivity testing, etc.

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