FIBC / Jumbo Bags

We are trusted and solid producer and provider of Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers – FIBC Bags which are otherwise called Bulk Bags or Jumbo Bags. We offer uniquely custom-made FIBC sacks or Jumbo packs to suit the individual prerequisite or custom necessities, for example, u + 2 and round sacks, ventilated packs, pre molded liner packs, stuck liner sacks, affirmed sustenance grade sacks, dust confirmation packs, bewilder sacks, burrow lift circle sacks, single circle and two circle sacks, UN Bags and so forth. Our FIBC sacks are perfect and financially savvy pressing utilized for capacity and transportation of a wide scope of materials, for example, synthetic concoctions, sustenance, metal and so forth. These packs have expansive capacity limit.

We produce custom scope of FIBC sacks or Jumbo packs according to customer's prerequisite. We offer sacks for both single-trip (5:1) and multi-trip (6:1 or 8:1) purposes relying upon the pack structure and size. Our SWL Range of the packs begins from 250 kg up to 2000 kg. Its exact structure and development gauges make these packs appropriate for a wide scope of final results like Soda Ash, Dyes, Cement, Chemicals and others.

Advantages of FIBC Jumbo Bags:

One can reuse these sacks by collapsing it

Diminishes stockpiling and transportation costs

Adaptable and solid

Simple to reuse

Accessible in differing measurements and sizes

Accessible at viable expense

Assorted simple offices of filling, lifting and releasing

Custom nature for material, plant and dispersion framework

Tanishu Global is India's most rumored and believed maker and provider of Standard Bulk Bags and other FIBC packs. We offer total scope of new and altered bundling arrangement that covers practically every one of the classes of modern bundling items. Our Bulk Bag guarantees the diverse dimensions of wellbeing working burden from 300kg to 2000Kg. We offer Bulk Bag of two norms: single excursion (5:1) and multi trip (6:1). We are occupied with trading standard mass packs for little to extensive scale ventures from everywhere throughout the globe.

Flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBC bag) with single loops area unit most straightforward massive bag (FIBC bag) that is straight forward for lifting, filling and discharge applications. It's offered in varied convenient sizes to suit into any kind of carriages.

Builder baggage square measure common within the market all around. this can be associate open mouth baggage with flat larva tom and with four loops style and extremely ideal for lifting, filling and transportation. 90 x 90 x 90, 90 x 90 x 110 square measure 2 quite common sizes obtainable within the market.

Majority of gargantuan baggage are returning with four loops possibility. this kind is extremely convenient for lifting, transportation discharge.

PP woven luggage with double loops are simple for lifting, filling and discharge applications. Accessible in varied convenient sizes to work into any sort of carriages.

Circular woven Tanishu Global. This size bag with within dimensions of 90x90x190cm and a volume of one.75m³ is one amongst the biggest bulk baggage during this phase. Circular woven gargantuan bag equipped with cross corner loops for simple handling. This bag is good for big quantities of sunshine artefact and employment waste like plastic, paper, wood chip, pellets or plastic bottles, weight up to one,500kgs. gargantuan baggage additionally obtainable with commonplace lifting loops (u-panel) and with discharge spout skirt.

Unprinted bulks and bulk baggage within the variety of Tanishu Global may be ordered from stock and are available in white with orange loops.


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