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PP Woven Bags

PP (Polypropylene) woven Bags or woven PP Bags are plastic woven pack principally made of polypropylene, are broadly utilized for material pressing for manure, concrete, sand, nourishment grains, sugar, dairy cattle feed and numerous different enterprises. PP woven packs/sacks have the upsides of lighter weight, higher quality, better erosion opposition, tear obstruction and more extensive assortment of use in examination with PE woven sacks or PVC woven sacks. These sacks enable adequate section of air to the pressed things and guarantee the wonder of 'breathing' space in stuffed grains. These dampness confirmation PP woven sacks are ideal for pressing of rice, flavors, flour, composts, sugar, agro items and different materials. 

We production and supply hand crafted PP woven Bags and PP woven sacks for redid size, shape and hues according to client's required determinations. Additionally, we can deliver upto 4 shading imprinting on each side that make sacks exceedingly appealing. 

We send out 100% quality PP woven packs/sacks items at moderate cost on given time allotment to our clients around the world. 


Light weight and simple and modest to transport 

High Tensile quality, adaptability and toughness 

Twofold side print 

No Seepages uniquely in poly lined or covered packs 

Brilliant 2/3/4 shading printing offer forceful promoting prospects 

Financially savvy than other elective pressing material 

Water and dampness verification pressing

We are assembling and trading phenomenal nature of sugar bags utilizing most recent innovation and high evaluation assets to our clients everywhere throughout the globe. We produce pp woven sugar bags with an internal coating to shield the substance from spillage. We function according to winning modern models that improve the nature of our sugar bags. Our PP woven sugar bags keep sugar from water and dampness air. We additionally redo sugar PP woven bags as indicated by client's given details for size, thickness, and so on. Our printed sugar bags contain noteworthy subtleties like as name and logo of the organization, value, amount, producing date, and so on.

Remarkable Features:

  • Estimate – Length 900 mm, Width 590 mm
  • Open Mouth Or Top Hemmed

  • Tough life

  • High concoction obstruction

  • Tear obstruction

  • With PE lining or overlaid

Base Stitched with inside discrete free liner bag of 25 – 50 micron thickness sewed at base and printed with flexo printing for pressing 50 Kgs Sugar.

As we all know, synthetic concoctions are flimsy, unstable, destructive, and hard to moderate. In this manner, we design and manufacture compound bundling packs remembering substance properties. Our PP synthetic woven packs are made of polypropylene, which are erosion safe, radiation safe, and free of physical changes at - 40-100 Length 900 mm, Width 590 mm

We are manufacturer and supplier of most elevated quality evaluation polypropylene straightforward bags, are accessible in appealing costs.

  • Open Mouth or Top Hemmed
  • Sturdy life
  • High substance opposition
  • Tear obstruction
  • With PE lining or overlaid
  • Base Stitched with inside independent free liner sack of 25.

We are manufacturer and supplier of most elevated quality evaluation polypropylene straightforward bags, are accessible in appealing costs.

Our transparent PP woven bags not just empower the purchasers to see over the pressed items, yet in addition help the merchants to all the more likely demonstrate their great items. Transparent PP woven bags are a conservative and mainstream methods for pressing sustenance and others. As they are predominantly made of polypropylene, PP transparent woven bags erosion safe, UV safe, and produce no physical

We are manufacturer and supplier of most astounding quality evaluation polypropylene transparent bags, are accessible in alluring costs.

Our fertilizer PP woven bags are corrosive, soluble base safe, dampness safe, and release free kind of agrarian bundling plastic bags. This, combined with high caliber and low cost, makes our fertilizer polypropylene woven bags become progressively well known with fertilizer suppliers around the world. Additionally, we can likewise make polypropylene woven bags as indicated by our client's prerequisites, for instance: heat-cut or trimmed top, single or twofold line sewing and pressing limits of 20kg, 25kg,40kg, 50kg.

We assemble and fare wide scope of pp woven bags for fertilizer industry. We have some expertise in creating water and dampness obstruction woven fertilizer bags.

PP woven bags are the result of decision for pressing flour with the benefits of light weight, high quality, dampness opposition, tear obstruction, corrosive opposition, simplicity of pressing and stacking. We furnish PP flour woven bags with an assortment of pressing limits and additional security dampness to our clients. We carefully use sustenance grade crude materials in our assembling procedure to create different sizes flour bags. We production tweaked PP woven flour bag according to customer's necessity.

Rice is the most significant staple sustenance for individuals in numerous pieces of the world, particularly in Asia, Latin America, and so on. By and large, individuals can recognize the assortments and grades of rice through its gathering bags and conveying limits. Because of their enhanced details and appearances, PP woven bags can likewise be utilized as wheat PP woven bags, corn PP woven bags, soybean PP woven bags and so on notwithstanding rice PP woven bags.

We assemble and fare quality rice PP woven bags that are generally used to pack and store send out quality rice and other united items. Our wide scope of PP woven rice bags are accessible in different sizes, hues, measurements, plan and altered examples. We additionally produce top quality custom PP woven rice bags according to the particulars given by customers.


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