Leno/Mesh Bags

Leno / Mesh Bags

We offer wide scope of Leno/Mesh Bags that effectively package Fruits and Vegetables. They are accessible in alluring hues to meet the precise necessities of our pined for customers.

We represent considerable authority in assembling huge assortment of Poly Propylene Leno Bags/Mesh Bags in different hues. We produce Leno bags with open weaved polypropylene texture complete uniquely to show signs of improvement air course for the items gathered clinched. These bags are solid and can convey foods grown from the ground in mass amount. We guarantee the nature of our Leno/Mesh bags having appropriate ventilation to remain the freshness of vegetables and organic products set inside for quite a while length. We additionally offer customization on our wide scope of Leno Bags according to the details of our clients.

Leno Bags, likewise called Leno Mesh Bags, can be generally utilized for pressing of different Agricultural items, for example, onion, garlic, potato, carrot, ginger, orange, pineapple, corn, cabbage, peanuts, walnuts, and kindling and so forth. The nature of our Mesh Bags is sufficient, and the gaps of sack enable the item to inhale and get adequate daylight. You can see the items put away inside without opening sack. Because of the low loads and financially savvy nature, our Mesh bags demonstrate to be the better bundling option than different materials. These leno work bags or work leno bags can be made with or without a drawstring. The drawstring is made of plaited level tape.

We center around explicit necessities of customers and offer quality items. Aside from this, we offer convenient conveyance of these leno work bags with a wide range of sizes and shades of texture according to client necessity.

Name: Leno Mesh Bag with Drawstring
Raw Material: 100% new pp or as the client request

Length: As your request

Width: 14"-30"(or 30-75 cm) as per requirement

Color: white, orange, yellow, blue or as your request

Printing: One side or two sides as buyers requests

Treat: UV treat or as the customers' requirements

Packing: Can be customized

Weave: 10*10,11*11,12*12,14*14,12*11 or be customized

Product: PP Leno Mesh Bag 

Material: PP

Color: Yellow or as per customer's requirements

Specification: 30x60cm, 40x70cm, 45x75cm, 50x80cm, 52x85cm, 52x90cm, 60x80cm, 60x100cm or as per customer's requirements

Label: Customized tag

Application Packaging: Potato, Onion, Cucumber, Eggplant, Cabbage, Garlic, Carrot, Orange, Celery Cabbage, etc.

Feature: Durable, economical, non-toxic, ventilated

We produce a variety of mesh bag with high quality, including leno mesh bag (PP).

Item: Leno mesh bag - Red Color

Material: PP

Size: As customers' requirements

They are widely used for packing vegetables, fruits, firewood and seafood. Such as onions, potato, garlic, orange, cabbage, carrot, apple, pear and so on.


We can produce a variety of mesh bags with high quality leno mesh bags (PP).

Item: Leno mesh bag with label

Material: PP

Size: As customers' requirements

Color: Red, orange, yellow, green, purple, transparent etc.

They are widely used for packing vegetables, fruits, firewood and seafood such as onions, potato, garlic, orange, cabbage, carrot, apple, pear and so on.

Name: Polypropylene Leno Mesh Bags

Color: Red, yellow, orange, green, purple, white, transparent;

Size: 50x80cm, 45x75cm, 40x60cm, 35x60cm, 30x47cm, 25x39cm or as the customer's requirement

Features: Recyclable

Weight: As the customer's requirement

Bag Type: Leno Mesh Bag

Usage: Used as the agricultural packing for vegetables, fruits such as potato, onion, cabbage, etc.

Special Requirements: As the customer's requirement


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